Monday, December 31, 2012

Your Typical "Goodbye 2012; Hello 2013" Blog Post

Shall I be stereotypical and write a "Welcome New Year" post?

I think yes.

Two thousand and twelve, for me, was no picnic, to be honest. It was full of crazy trials and hardships. No good whatsoever. There is little about 2012 that I can reflect on and say "YES, that was amazing!"(although a few things do come to mind! Things that will be public information in good time.). However, there is so much that I can look back on and say "Look at what I learned from that!" or "Look at what happened because of that!".

 The number one thing that I felt like God was really trying to teach me this year was a lesson of trust. As some of you may know, I really have a hard time trusting people. It takes me a long time to really, truly trust someone and, even then, I am still relatively reserved and almost shy about being real with somebody. Even if that somebody starts with a capital "S".

That is why the verse (now tattooed on my back in gorgeous calligraphy and also engraved on my purity ring!!) Jeremiah 29:11 is so wonderful to me. Jeremiah 29:11-13: "For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart."

The idea that my future is 100% planned out for my good  is a thought so incredibly powerful and moving to me. I needn't fret about tomorrow for tomorrow is already planned out. And on top of being planned out, it is done so for my good. This incredibly tough and trying year? It was planned out for my good. Although I cannot necessarily see what that good is right now...

To be honest, sometimes (okay, most times...okay, FINE. always...) the Christian cliches drive me crazy. Let's be real, anybody who grew up in the church had "Trust in Jesus" drilled into them since they were a little tiny kid going to Sunday School (anybody taught that lesson using flannelgraph or puppets? I was!). For some reason though, this is just one lesson that I had and am having to relearn.

Along with trust, I suppose, goes the lesson of reliance. Trust and reliance go hand-in-hand, I think. Once one learns or is learning to trust, the lesson of learning to rely or depend comes soon after.

As a naturally independent I-Can-Do-It-Myself-And-I-Don't-Need-Your-Help type of person, this was and is rather difficult to learn. However, when you have so many hardships thrown your way within the span of a year, or even a day, depending, the lesson becomes incredibly necessary. I, first, need to trust God that he knows the plans for my life and has created them for good. Secondly, I need to rely on Him and His plan.

As grateful as I am that this year is finally over and a new year is nigh, I am very happy to have gone through what I have in order to have been able to work on learning these two very important lessons.

So, Happy New Year, my friends!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Giant Update

Let me begin with saying I have much to say—some good and some not so good. Haha!!

First of all, it is with a crazy amount of happiness, anticipation, excitement, and joy that I tell you that I have been accepted to London Mayterm!! For those of you who don’t know, Mayterm is a program Westmont has during May (hence the name) in which you can do a month of school and take up to nine units. It’s seriously the smartest thing ever. London Mayterm is just that, but it’s in LONDON (shocker, right?)!!!

I’m super stoked about this. Going to London means several things for me. One, it would enable me to graduate a semester early—BAM. Two, it’s for theatre majors and English majors specifically. Basically, we’ll be seeing like 25 plays and writing about them. For school. Yeah.  It’s awesome. Three, it’s in freaking LONDON. Nothing could be more wonderful for me. Theatre productions every day for a month in London, Edinburgh, and Dublin. Perhaps the only way to make it more brilliant is to travel about via horseback, other than that, it’s basically a dream come true for me. Jealous? You know you are.

Secondly, I will not be going back to Westmont for the spring semester. This is crushing for me. I already missed a semester and instead had to attend a very sub-par junior college. I have been counting down the weeks until the spring semester at Westmont starts since August. I was more than excited and eager to go back.

Not being at Westmont is so hard. I don’t even know why it’s this hard for me. Perhaps Westmont is a sanctuary for me? Perhaps it’s because there are so many wonderful people that I love live or work there? I don’t know.

Not being at Westmont this semester has shown me just how wonderful it really is. The professors genuinely care about their students. Just this week, I randomly popped my head into a professor’s office (it was Dr. Steve Julio, if you must know) and literally sat and talked with him about really nothing for an hour. I miss walking into my professors' offices for help on a paper or whatever and sitting and talking about anything but the paper (or whatever) before any one remembers what I was actually there for.

Westmont also has a great community. I love it so much. The vibe on campus is just relaxed and peaceful—even during midterm season. Also, I almost never hear swear words or vulgar talk.

I miss going to chapel three times a week. I loved sitting in chapel and listening to an amazing speaker (or not so amazing sometimes—out comes spider solitaire on the iPhone…not that I did that or anything…) and being led in worship by a fabulous worship leader who’s passionate about Jesus.

That leads me to discussing my amazing job(s) I had! Chapel set-up and tear-down are seriously the best jobs on campus. Even though set up means I have to get up at like 6:00 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, as soon as I got down there, I enjoyed myself. The people I worked with are all super sweet and nice and my boss, Brad, is quite a guy. I also miss working for the sports teams! I loved broadcasting all the sports and knowing all the ins-and-outs about all the sports teams (especially basketball!!).

I hate hearing people complain about Westmont. I hate it. I would do almost anything to go back there. They don’t understand what they have. Westmont is a gem of a school. Amazing place. It is so incredibly hard and painful to me that I can’t be there for this season. I mean I'm up there like three/four/five times a week, but still. It's not even close to the same.

However, my next semester isn’t going to be so bad. I don’t like going to class at SBCC, so I’m going to take online classes. I want to go to London Mayterm, but junior colleges get out at the end of May (right in the middle of Mayterm—no good), so I’m doing the eight week online class program with Saddleback junior college (it’s pretty sweet—15 units in only eight weeks). After school gets out for me in mid-March, I’ll work full time to help pay for London Mayterm and going back to Westmont for the fall.

I don’t know what God is doing. Frankly, it sucks. I hate it. But something good must be coming out of this. Something.  Perhaps my working full time for like 6ish weeks is actually gunna let me go on London Mayterm and without those weeks, I wouldn’t be able to go. Maybe. But also maybe not. Maybe there something bigger in store.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Doctor is In

I did a very bad thing. It wasn't my fault, I swear. Netfllix told me to do it.

I have fallen prey to the world of Doctor Who. The program that (re)started in 2005, not the one from 1963, although that one is brilliant too!

This is very bad. Very very. New TV obsessions are always bad (I already have way too many programs I already watch--Sherlock, Parenthood, Once Upon a Time, and How I Met Your Mother are the current ones) and it plays off my love for all things British. Also, it's super nerdy and wonderful.

Although, the first five or so episodes are lame, the show gets so FREAKING good, I can barely stand it. 

Basically, do yourself a favour and watch Doctor Who. It's on Netflix. Do it!! And then we can rant and rave about it.

(WARNING: for those who haven't watched it yet, go Spoilers ahead.)

These are my thoughts about the program and its characters.

Chris Eccleston's Doctor--LOVE his attitude. I was crushed when he had to regenerate.

Rose Tyler: Okay, this chick. I love this chick. She's smart and pretty and funny and British. I love her accent; I love her relationship with the Doctor(s); I love her passion; I love her wit. When she got left in the parallel universe the first time, I was so mad and so sad. I liked her so much! And then when she came back! Oh, when she came back! I almost cried! Rose! And the (human) Doctor! Despite my still wanting her to be on the show, I felt like they had her leave the show very well. She and the (human) Doctor. The way it should be.

David Tennant's Doctor: Initially, I really didn't like him. All I saw was Barty Crouch Jr. from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I couldn't see an evil murderer being the Doctor that I had come to love. And then it all changed. Now I cannot watch Harry Potter without freaking out about my Doctor! I love this fellow so much it's pretty darn ridiculous. He can come ask me to travel with him any day. He's cute, he's funny, he's sarcastic, and he has an amazing and unique relationship with each of his companions. He is definitely my favourite Doctor. I really really like this guy. I am very glad that he lasted as long as he did although he definitely could have been on the show longer. 

Martha Jones: Unfortunately for this character, she was introduced right after Rose had been sent to the parallel universe and I was still very upset and couldn't accept anyone as the new companion. She eventually grew on me. but I never really loved her.

Donna Noble: Again, we were still relatively post-Rose. I was still super sad. I have the tendency to get very attached to characters (Sherlock, for example. Love that guy). She too, eventually grew on me. I liked that they had someone as the Doctor's companion who wasn't necessarily the most gorgeous actress on the face of the planet. I liked her saucy attitude and her self confidence. It also tickled me that she would never listen to the Doctor.

(At this point, it should be said that I am only eight episodes into the fifth season, so I am barely familiar with the new characters, but will get there (very) quickly and do a subsequent post reflecting on the current characters)

River Song: I really like this chick from what I've seen. She's mysterious and a little bit on a know-it-all. I think she's funny and am excited to get to know her more. ALSO, let it be said now as this is a very appropriate place to put this, NO SPOILERS, people!! I'm not current yet!

Matt Smith's Doctor: No. Just no. Nonononononono. I think his hair is decent (although Tennant's was 1000% better) and his bow-tie is "cool" (I like bow-ties, thank you very much), but beyond that--no. I don't like his attitude very much at all. I don't like his attempts to be funny. He seems like a bumbling idiot wielding a sonic screwdriver and manning a TARDIS who's trying to be the Doctor. Sorry but no. Go away. Bring me back David Tennant.

Amy Pond: Not bad. She's kind of growing on me a tiny bit though. I love her accent. I don't like the sexual tension between her and the Doctor though. There is a big difference between Tennant's Doctor and Rose's romantic tension and the sexual tension between Pond and Smith.

So there. Those are my thoughts. I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts, but, as Professor Song would say, NO SPOILERS. I just watched the dream vs. reality episode. So there. No spoilers.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beach Discovery

Today on the beach, my two sisters, Ray Ray and Evangeline, and my bestie, Nicki (told you I'd mention you!), discovered the coolest trash ever:

A stunt kite (or racing kite as I would rather call it)!

A stunt kite is a kite with two strings coming from it that you can control and make it do all sorts of rad things. It's pretty much the coolest thing ever. I love it!

Evangeline and  I discovered our gem in a knotted mess. It had appeared that the owner did not know that it was a stunt kite--the two tethers were intertwined and put together--and when it had gotten tangled, had thrown it out. So we scored a new kite!!

Our kite looks like an Air Force Blue Angel, no big deal.  Kinda like this:

So, if you see a rad kite like this one gracing the sky of Southern California's beaches, it's probably us.

Friday, June 8, 2012


My thinking three months ago: "This summer I will blog almost everyday!"

Reality: Haven't blogged since April.

The Reason: I honestly have no idea. I have been too busy doing nothing, apparently.

Sorry, people. I'm back now (supposedly). Now I will StumbleUpon awesome things, come up with great ideas, and pretend I'm smart and share the results with you.

For now, here is a recent discovery of mine (I'm a little late, I know): Pandora.  People, people, people. Let me TELL you. This site is GOLD. GOLD I tell you.

For completely free, you can sign up for your favorite artist (ie. John Mayer), genre (broadway showtunes is the BOMB), or composer (Sting) to be played to you for hours on end (no need to buy it on iTunes anymore) AND it will find songs within that genre that are rad and/or will find you artists/songs that are similar to the artist or composer that you searched for (this is where iTunes will keep getting business from me--I must buy the songs it finds for me that I love, you see) and play them too!

If you don't like the song/s that it finds for you, you can click the little thumb down dealio and you will never hear it on your profile again. However, if you love it, you can click the little thumbs up thingy and it will find others like that song too.

What part of this is not the coolest thing EVER?

I'm obsessed.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happiness in Some Posters

I love posters, don't you?
I think I need to get some small ones to see everyday and therefore make my day better.
 If I were to get ones that embody my current obsessions, these would be they:

My favourite musical!
(For now--it changes.)
(P.S. Wicked is coming to my area in February and I am already STOKED.)

You may not know this, but Flynn Rider? I'm gunna marry him someday. 
This could very possibly be my favourite movie.

 Or this one....
(Sorry it's sideways)

Or this one....

Or Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
(But I just don't like any of the posters as much as the others.)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Time! Got the Time Tick-Tick-Tickin' in my Head

I am confused.

(Isn't that a great opening to a blog? Or a book? I should write a book....yes, yes I should. Perhaps I will when I don't have 2395235 million things going on at the same time.)

Rewind to your senior year of high school (or frankly any school year at all). Do you remember how long the school year lasted? It seemed like summer would NEVER come and you would be stuck in {insert grade of your choice here} forEVER.

Now rewind (or fastforward!) to your freshman year of college. It seems like it lasts like (exactly) .34 seconds (okay, maybe not so exact, but you know what I mean). 

Didn't I just move in to room 231 in Page Hall like last week?! Didn't I just start my first class as a college student? Didn't I just discover just how fattening and icky the food in the DC is (for the most part--some of the salads are d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s.)?


That was about eight months ago. (Say what?!) Yup, eight months.

I am not even close to being done (mentally) with my first year of college. In a blink of an eye, I will be walking down an aisle wearing a big gown and a strange hat that ruins my perfectly (or maybe not-so-perfectly) done hair to receive my degree and a "congratulations" from the President (of Westmont College). SCARY thought.

How does the time highschool (or any education under that) go by sooooooo slowly, but the time in college FLIES by without even so much as a warning!?

Perhaps it is that I am SO much more busy in college....
Perhaps it is that college is SO much more fun than any other grade....

I just don't get it.